Vasil Dinev | Photography


The Horse Masters


Dhaka is one of the busiest and fast developing cities in the world. The Bangladesh capital currently has 20 million inhabitants. The streets are flooded with people, cars and rickshaws. Sometimes it takes up to six hours to go through the city and reach any of its districts. The heat and the dust in one of the dirtiest cities in the world, makes such tour a real challenge.


But In the middle of the chaos there is still some natural life left. In the southern part of the city is located the “Bongo Bazar” - an area where the century-old tradition of transporting people by carriages is still preserved. While buses and cars have taken over the majority of passenger traffic, there are still locals who prefer to take a carriage for shorter journeys.


The approximate age of a "Horse master" starts from around 12 and could reach above 60 years old. In the past horses were often used in the film industry, but this lucrative ancillary business has already declined and although the "TomTom" coachmen live from their low income comparable to the average payment there, they would hardly change this job to something more profitable.